NEW IN | 16-11-2018

WA wines

Two new wines from WA have arrived to Yoyo Kitchen: a fresh & crisp white, and a vibrant & rich red wine. WA's mission is to create harmony between Asian food and wine, and they are doing a great job! Both wines go well with dishes of Japanese and other Asian cuisine, like Korean or Chinese.

The WA Pinot Grigio is a medium bodied fresh wine, best enjoyed young. Its crisp acidity and fruity flavors of apples and melon makes it a refreshing companion to most dishes. It pairs well with light fish dishes, crab and seafood as well as chicken. (Read more at WA's website)

The WA Douro is a superb, vibrant red wine, which is great to pair with the Chinese cuisine, Japanese beef yakiniku, as well as Korean and Vietnamese barbeque dishes. (Read more at WA's website)

Join us on the 23rd of November (Friday) at our tasting event at Yoyo Kitchen, where we offer a special 10% discount on our WA wines, and a free wine bag as well.