Setsubun eho-maki

On the day of Setsubun (the 3rd of February), it is customary in Japan to eat an uncut sushi roll called eho-maki, while facing that year's lucky direction. This custom started in the western regions of Japan, but is getting more and more popular in the whole country.

We celebrate Setsubun at Yoyo Kitchen with an eho-maki freshly made on the premises from 7 delicious ingredients: cucumber, kanpyo (sweet vegetable), inari (fried tofu), boiled prawn, egg, rice & nori (seaweed).

You can reserve your eho-maki(s) till 2PM on the 1st of February (Thursday) for £5.50/roll, and pick it up on the 3rd of February (Saturday) from 12:30PM. This year's lucky direction is south-southeast, so make sure you eat your whole maki facing this direction. Enjoy and have lots of luck this year!